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The blood thinner drug, Xarelto, has been prescribed over 11 million times in order to prevent blood clots that can cause severe strokes. As good as it’s intended use sounds, this popular drug has come under scrutiny after research has associated the drug to sever side effects such uncontrollable internal bleeding. Needless to say, lawsuits have already started being filed against the popular drug’s manufacturers- Bayer and Johnson & Johnson. Filed lawsuits claim that Xarelto led to internal bleeding which either caused serious injuries or death.

What Is Xarelto & What Makes It So Dangerous?

Xarelto, also known as rivaroxaban, was first approved in 2011 by the Food & Drug Administration for the prevention of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis in patients undergoing hip and knee replacements, and for general use in decreasing any recurrences of blood clots.

Xarelto is an Xa inhibitor, this means that Xarelto blocks thrombin. Thrombin is a chemical in the blood that causes the blood to clot. Inhibiting thrombin allows the breakdown of clots to occur and prevents clots as well as deep vein thrombosis that can occur when someone has a hip or knee replacement surgery or treatment of atrial fibrillation.

The unfortunate thing with blood thinners in general is that if you suffer an injury your blood cannot clot, therefore it becomes difficult to stop the bleed. Sever bleeding can inadvertently cause pools of blood surrounding your vital organs. It can also result in cutting off blood supply to vital organs resulting in fatal consequences.  When it comes to Xarelto, if a patient is taking the drug, there is no known antidote against the drug. With other blood thinners doctors can give the patient vitamin K or protamine sulfate to counteract the anti-coagulation properties of a blood thinner. Unfortunately, the fact that Xarelto blocks thrombin means this method will not work.  This is so serious that in January 2014 the FDA, that once approved of Xarelto, has now issued a “warning/precaution”  in connection with the drug expressing that they are aware of a risk of bleeding in a patient who took Xarelto and recommended that a patient had blood transfusions or blood replacements if they were showing signs of blood loss.

What Are The Estimated Numbers Of Xarelto Victims In Iowa?

According to the 2014 US Census Bureau, the Iowa population was approximately 3,107,126. Using a calculation of weighing Iowa’s population against that of the United States’ population, we are able to estimate that of the 11 million Xarelto prescriptions in the United States, there were about 107,142 people who were prescribed Xarelto in Iowa.

The Rocket AF study was the base for incidence rates from clinical trials, that were used to calculate that an estimated total of 1,821 people in Iowa have suffered a severe internal bleed linked to their taking Xarelto. Furthermore, we estimate the below figures are the number of bleeding incidents in connection with Xarelto in Iowa’s five most populous cities:

  • Des Moines- 123
  • Cedar Rapids- 76
  • Davenport- 60
  • Sioux City- 48
  • Iowa City-43

How Do I File A Bleeding Injury Or Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

There is a strong chance that if an internal bleed occurred leading to injury or death when Xarelto was being administered, the cause of this may have been Xarelto.

If this any of this rings true to you then contact us. Many individuals and families are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of Xarelto in order to recover damages.


The website is sponsored by a number of lawyers who are committed to helping Xarelto victims seek justice.

To date, numerous groups of people have contacted us because they were gravely injured or they lost a loved one because of internal bleeding or blood clotting among other things. But Xarelto was the link to these injuries or loss.

Please note our Xarelto attorneys are not licensed to practice in Iowa. However, they are licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Virginia and Massachusetts. From these states our lawyers are able to file lawsuits from there for families all over America. Families also have the option to work with local counsel in Iowa which our lawyers can help you contact due to their network connections and relationships.

Iowa Hospitals

If you or a loved one has had internal bleeding incidences, visit the following hospitals:

University of Iowa:

Genesis Medical Center:

Iowa Lutheran Hospital:

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