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Xarelto Dangerous Side Effects Lead To Minnesota Lawyers Filing Lawsuits


Xarelto is a doctor prescribed anticoagulant or blood thinning medicine which is said to diminish the possibility of a stroke occurring in people with atrial fibrillation (AFib), treating and preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) blood clots from forming in deep veins such as legs and in the lungs. Also, the drug is said to minimize the risk of blood clots after a hip or knee replacement procedure.

Xarelto is lauded as the blood thinner of choice because unlike other blood thinners on the market, Xarelto has three main differences that make it a convenient drug to take. If you are taking Xarelto you don’t have to have regular blood monitoring due to its predictable effects. Also, Xarelto is designed in a way that will leave the patient with no dietary restrictions because, it does not interact with vitamin K, unlike other blood thinners like Warfarin. Finally, Xarelto does not require having its dosage changed regularly.

All of these reasons make Xarelto sound like a good and better yet, a convenient blood thinner. Unfortunately, the convenience of the drug far outweighs the dangerous side effects that are caused by taking Xarelto.

What Makes Xarelto Hazardous?

Xarelto is intended to be a blood thinner used to prevent blood clots that can lead to strokes. In its make up Xarelto, thins the blood by being a direct Factor Xa inhibitor or thrombin. Factor Xa occupies an important point in the coagulation process. An oral direct Factor Xa inhibitor is believed to have the multiple properties necessary for an ideal anticoagulant. The unfortunate part about Xarelto blocking thrombin is that there is no known reversal agent for Factor Xa inhibitor. Other blood thinners such as Warfarin have known antidotes should a patient need to have their blood clot again. The irony is that Xarelto boasts in its make up of not interfering with Vitamin K, therefore requiring no dietary restrictions, unlike Warfarin which does block Vitamin K which allows it to interfere with the formation of blood clots. In the event that the effects of Warfarin need to be reversed Vitamin K can be reintroduced into the blood stream. However, with Xarelto this is not the case, making one of its selling points a very hazardous point.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2014 issued a warning concerning Xarelto expressing that they know of the risk of bleeding in patients taking Xarelto and advised blood transfusions or replacements if they exhibited signs of blood loss. In addition, the FDA warned of other drugs that should be mixed with Xarelto as they could possibly have detrimental effects. Click here for the list of medications.

What Are The Possible Internal Bleeding Estimates In Minnesota?

We have correlated the sum of written Xarelto scripts in the United States with the last recorded census figures for the whole of the American population, Minnesota State’s population and five of the biggest (by numbers) cities in Minnesota, in order to come up with estimates of the number of Minnesota residents who may have suffered the unfavorable effects affiliated with Xarelto.

Minnesota’s 2014 census number stood at 5,457,173. Below are the stats for the state’s five biggest cities:

  • Minneapolis- population 400,070
  • St. Paul- population 294,873
  • Rochester- population 110,742
  • Bloomington- population 86,319
  • Duluth- population 86,128

Below are the calculated possible bleeding events in Minnesota cities using the formula above:

  • Minneapolis-  235
  • St. Paul-  173
  • Rochester- 65
  • Bloomington-  51
  • Duluth- 50

What Do I Need To Know About The Xarelto Lawsuits?

Multiple lawsuits are being filed across the country against the makers of Xarelto with complainants asserting that Xarelto was the cause of unmanageable bleeding that caused severe internal injuries and or death in some cases.

Manufactures Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson are being held liable for not making clear the dangers associated with their drug. Complainants are going further to say that all parties involved in making Xarelto should have carried out more tests in order to verify the safety of the drug before dispensing it for public use and exposing people to the imminent dangers linked with the drug.

Who Is Taking Xarelto Cases In Minnesota?

We have Minnesota Xarelto Lawyers who are in the process of taking Xarelto related cases against Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson. Our Minnesota Xarelto lawyers are not new to taking on giant drug companies, they come with a plethora of knowledge and experience to handle your case.

If you know you are a Xarelto victim and are ready to pursue justice for any pain and suffering you have incurred, please contact us. We offer free case evaluation and consultation.

We are here to answer your questions at all hours of the day.

Places To Seek Help If Xarelto Adverse Effects Are Suspected

University Of Minnesota Medical Health

West Bank
2450 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

East Bank
500 Harvard St.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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