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North Carolina Cases Brought To Court Over Xarelto

The well known and heavily advertised drug Xarelto, comes highly recommended by celebrities stressing that treatment with Xarelto was the best move for them. The drug also boasts being the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class with over 11 million prescriptions in the United States. However, in 2014 the first lawsuit was filed alleging that Xarelto caused a patient’s death because of uncontrollable bleeding. More lawsuits have since been filed stating similar allegations that Xarelto led to unmanageable internal bleeding ending in death or critical injuries.

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Why Are Lawsuits Being Filed Against Xarelto?

The have been several studies that have been conducted and documented adverse results suffered by patients being administered Xarelto. The latest 2015 study conducted by Baylor College of Medicine (published in Clinical Cardiology), attested that there was a serious risk of bleeding in patients who were taking Xarelto. The study collected data from 27,467 patients who were taking Xarelto from January 2013- March 2014. The results concluded that of the patients under surveillance, 478 of them suffered an extreme bleeding incident. Unfortunately, 14 of those patients died from internal bleeding.

The bulk of the lawsuits that have been brought to court confirm the findings of these studies, with all stating similar allegations against Xarelto. Stated complaints are of Xarelto causing uncontrollable bleeding leading to serious injury or death.

Other Resultants Of Taking Xarelto

The most commonly noted negative resultant associated with Xarelto is unmanageable internal bleeding. Seeing as Xarelto is designed to be a blood thinner, it means it stops the blood from clotting. Be that as it may, if a patient taking Xarelto needs to have their blood clot in the event of an injury this cannot happen due to the make up of the drug. This specific blood thinner has no known reversal agent. Because of the drug’s make up, those who need to have their blood clot end up suffering from some of the following conditions:

  • Brain Hemorrhage or Stroke: This occurs as a result of an artery in the brain bursting, resulting in localized bleeding in the surrounding tissues. Brain hemorrhage causes vary from head trauma, high blood pressure to blood or bleeding disorders. Symptoms of a brain hemorrhage also vary from a sudden intense headache, lethargy to loss of consciousness.
  •  Pulmonary Embolism (PE): In most cases pulmonary embolism occurs due to a blood clot in the leg that makes its way to the lungs. Symptoms of pulmonary embolism can be very general, such as feeling anxious, profuse sweating, feeling light headed or faint or palpitations. Although Xarelto is taken to stop blood clots, it can also have the reverse effects and end up being  the cause of the blood clots its meant to stop, if a patient stops taking the drug prematurely or when making the switch from Xarelto to another blood thinner.
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding: The abdomen consists of various crucial organs that include the esophagus, stomach, small intestine etc. An internal bleed in this area could prove to be highly dangerous. Gastrointestinal bleeding can cause blood to collect around vital organs leading to them shutting off altogether.

North Carolina Data About Xarelto Internal Bleeding Injuries & Deaths

North Carolina’s latest census data states that 9,943,964 people reside in the state. Of that figure,the heavily populated cities were:

  • Charlotte- 792,862 population
  • Raleigh- 431,746 population
  • Greensboro- 279,639 population
  • Durham- 245,475 population
  • Winston-Salem- 236,441 population

Using a formula of North Carolina’s population in contrast to the entire population of America, we determined a possible total of 342,895 individuals in North Carolina were given prescriptions for Xarelto.

To get to the number of extreme bleeding episodes in North Carolina we used the data for extreme bleeding episodes from clinical studies and determined that as many as 5,829 people in North Carolina have experienced a major bleeding episode or even death brought on by Xarelto. We used the same formula to get the figures for North Carolina’s five biggest cities. The data is as follows below:

  • Charlotte- 465
  • Raleigh- 253
  • Greensboro- 164
  • Durham-144
  • Winston-Salem- 139

Finding Out If You Have A Xarelto Case

If Xarelto was administered to you or someone you love for the prevention of blood clots and later on suffered from any of the adverse effects mentioned above, including internal bleeding, you may have a Xarelto case to file.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our Xarelto litigation team and find out how you can proceed in receiving justice. Do not delay if you have questions you need answered. Our team is here to help you and answer any questions you might have. Also visit our FAQ’s section as well as calling us.

Are there North Carolina Lawyers To Help Me?

Our North Carolina attorneys are well equipped to handle these kinds of cases. You are in good hands when you bring your Xarelto lawsuit to us. We are working throughout North Carolina state and helping all people affected by Xarelto find the justice they deserve.

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