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Xarelto Alaska Lawsuit Filed For Internal Bleeding Injuries

What Are Blood Thinners Used For?

Xarelto is a popular blood thinner that has been designed to decrease the potential of someone suffering a stroke as well as decreasing blood clots in individuals who have an irregular, rapid heart rate, also known as Atrial fibrillation. This blood thinner is also used to treat deep vein thrombosis in order to reduce the repetition of this condition, as well as to decrease blood clot formation in the legs and lungs of individuals who have recently had a hip or knee replacement operation.

Blood thinners are also called anticoagulants, which means they are drugs designed to prevent the development of blood clots. As already mentioned, blood thinners are used to treat conditions such as AFib, which if blood thinners are not used in such instances, it could lead to a stroke. Other conditions like pulmonary embolism, which is an abrupt blood clot in a major blood vessel in the lung, are treated using blood thinners so that the clot in this major vessel does not stop blood flow to the lung which can be fatal and lead to death.

What Makes Xarelto A Perilous Blood Thinner?

As a blood thinner Xarelto sounds like a drug that should do the work accordingly, and it was even authorized for use in 2011 by the Food and Drug Administration as a blood thinner for the conditions already mentioned above.

However, regardless of the FDA’s approval of Xarelto, in recent years there have been FDA reports about the adverse effects that one can face while taking Xarelto, effects such as internal bleeding. Some of the communication sent by the FDA is that Xarelto can lead to low blood platelet count. The problem with this is that if you have a low blood platelet count your platelets will not be able to aid your blood to clot and stop a bleed when it occurs. The other unfavorable effect linked to Xarelto usage that the FDA has communicated- is that the drug can cause grave injuries in patients who are getting an epidural or spinal puncture operation. If someone needs to have such a procedure take place and they are using Xarelto, they are strongly advised to wait until the drug is completely removed from their system. Another major factor that the FDA has taken into account is the lack of reversal antidote that the drug comes with. The problem with Xarelto is that if you are taking Xarelto and you happen to suffer an injury that requires your blood to thin again, it is virtually impossible to do so if Xarelto is in your system and the drug was not designed with a way to reverse its effects. In other known blood thinners like Warfarin, if the blood needs to clot again, Vitamin K is administered into the system in order to allow the blood to clot again. Vitamin K usage in Xarelto using patients is completely ineffective because the drug was not designed that way. The problem with this lack of reversal antidote is that once the blood cannot clot in the event of an injury, there is a very high risk of internal bleeding taking place that will cause injury to vital internal organs that in exterme cases, will lead to death.

Xarelto Associated Bleeding Events In Alaska

Alaska’s population in 2014 has been pegged at 736,732 as recorded by the U.S. census bureau. In order to get a picture of the number of scripts written for Xarelto in Alaska, we compared Alaska’s total population with the known total of Xarelto prescriptions written in all of America. In so doing our comparative calculation reveals that an estimated 25,405 Alaska residents are in possession of or are taking prescription blood thinner Xarelto. We calculated further to know how many people in Alaska have actually already experienced the unfavorable effects associated with Xaretlo. That approximated number of residents is 432. 

Below are Alaska’s five principal cities:

  • Anchorage- population 291,826
  • Fairbanks- population 31,535
  • Juneau- population 31,275
  • Eagle River- population 24,793
  • Badger- population 19,482

Estimated Bleeding Injuries Due To Xarelto In Alaska & Its Principal Cities

With the figures of Alaska’s five principal cities we were able to calculate the probable numbers of people in each city who have already experienced the unfavorable effects of using Xarelto. The estimations are as follows:

  • Anchorage- 171
  • Fairbanks- 19
  • Juneau- 18
  • Eagle River- 15
  • Badger- 11

Steps To Take If You Have Been Affected By Xarelto

If you or someone dear to you was prescribed Xarelto and used it as per their doctor’s orders, but eventually had negative events that caused them to suffer grave internal bleeding injuries that led to a stroke or heart attack, even worse, it led to death, you may be entitled to file a Xarelto lawsuit. At this point, it is understandable that there may be a lot of questions that you have. We are here to help you answer any questions you might have and to assist you in taking the steps necessary to file your lawsuit. Contact our Xarelto attorneys as soon as possible for a no cost case evaluation.

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