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Xarelto Bleeding Incidents In Connecticut & Lawsuits

All over America lawsuits are being brought to court against the makers of Xarelto, Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson. These cases have seen litigants state that Xarelto was the agent that caused bleeding resulting in grave injuries and death in some instances.

Xarelto was initially given the go ahead for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011. Its approval use was as a blood thinner for individuals who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgeries or for individuals with acute blood clotting issues. Xarelto was further certified to be used to avert blood clotting in persons with atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is caused by low blood circulation in the body.

How Xarelto Became So Well Known

The advert with the comedian, the golfer and race car driver has almost become synonymous with Xarelto as they laud their reasons their reasons for using Xarelto. From the time Xarelto was introduced to the US market in 2011, it has been noted that 11 million plus, scripts have been written for the drug. So other than the advert, what has made Xarelto such a well-known and heavily prescribed drug? Firstly, Xarelto is designed and boosted as a comprehensive drug, in that unlike other blood thinners like Warfarin, Xarelto does not call for the individual to adhere to a certain type of diet or for one to have regular blood tests to determine whether or not the drug is working neither does it call for the dose to be adjusted all the time. Furthermore, Xarelto is not just used for blood clot reduction in hip or knee replacement  surgery patients but as mentioned above, it’s also authorized for use in individuals with AFib, as well as for treatment in people with DVT. DVT, also known as deep vein thrombosis happens when there is a blood clot in a deep vein, normally in the leg, which can endanger your life.

All these facts have helped make Xarelto the well-known blood thinner that it has become. So popular is Xarelto that even the cost of $3,000 for a one year supply of Xarelto in comparison to $200 for Warfarin, does not deter customers neither does it cause sales to falter.

Nevertheless, don’t let these promotional selling points fool you. Xarelto has been associated with life endangering side effects when an injury occurs and the blood needs to clot again.

Xarelto Related Risks

The way in which Xarelto has been created to work is as a Factor Xa inhibitor. As a Factor Xa inhibitor, Xarelto prevents the formation of thrombin. This also means that Xarelto indirectly stops platelet aggregation induced by thrombin. Other blood thinners like the afore mentioned more affordable Warfarin, prevent blood clots and thin the blood by inhibiting Vitamin K which aides in blood clotting. The major difference in the way these two blood thinners work is in the reversal make up. If a patient taking Warfarin has an injury that requires the blood to clot again, Vitamin K can be re-administered back into their system via a high dosage of it. Unfortunately, the same reversal method cannot be translated to Xarelto, thrombin cannot be suddenly reversed to allow the blood to clot again, which means the patient faces the possibility of grave internal bleeding that damages other organs in the body and could eventually lead to death.

A study from the Netherlands medical community discovered that a person taking Xarelto puts themselves at a 1.49 times likelihood of possibly having an internal bleeding episode occur in comparison to someone using Warfarin. To learn more about the side effects associated with Xarelto click here.

Probable Internal Bleeding Events In Connecticut

As we have mentioned already, Xarelto has become so well-known since 2011 that 11 million scripts have been written for the drug all over America. In order to work out the probable cases of internal bleeding episodes in Connecticut, we used Connecticut’s latest population figure of 3,596,677 and compared it with the overall American population and calculated that out of the 11 million written scripts, 124,023 of the scripts were from Connecticut. We went ahead and calculated that a probable 2,108 of those Xarelto scripts led to the taker experiencing a major bleeding episode.

We also looked at Connecticut’s five dominant cities and determined that the probable cases of grave bleeding
episodes that occurred.

Connecticut’s five dominant cities:

  • Bridgeport- 147,612 population
  • New Haven- 130,282 population
  • Stamford- 128,278 population
  • Hartford- 124,705 population
  • Waterbury- 109,307 population

Probable Bleeding Episodes Associated With Xarelto Intake In Connecticut’s Dominant Cities

  • Bridgeport- 87
  • New Haven- 76
  • Stamford- 75
  • Hartford- 73
  • Waterbury- 64

Do I Have A Viable Case To File?

Numerous individuals and families who have experienced the horrific events of internal bleeding due to Xarelto are filing lawsuits against the makers of the drug. If any of what you have read has happened to you or someone close to you who was taking Xarelto, please contact us as you may be entitled to compensation. Our Connecticut Xarelto advocates are here to help you through this difficult time and are available to answer any questions you might be facing about how you can present your case in a court of law.

Our Xarelto attorneys are here to speak with you at any time of the day as well as give you a no cost case evaluation and consultation. Go here for our contact details.

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