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What is Xarelto?

Xarelto is an anticoagulant drug developed and distributed by Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson.  This blood thinner is different from others on the market because it works to block a chemical called Thrombin, the chemical responsible for making blood clot.  By blocking thrombin, Xarelto prevents blood clots from forming, which is the desired effect for patients that are taking blood thinners.  However, Xarelto is an extremely dangerous drug because in the event of an injury, Xarelto keeps wounds from being able to heal because it prevents the blood from clotting.  This can cause massive, uncontrollable internal bleeding.


Xarelto’s Serious Side Effects

Since the Food and Drug Administration approved Xarelto in 2011, many studies have linked the drug to serious side effects that in turn cause very dangerous adverse events in patients taking the drug.  The adverse events caused by Xarelto can be divided into two categories:  injuries caused by internal bleeding and injuries caused by blood clots.

Injuries Caused by Blood Clots

The injuries caused by blood clots were caused when the patient stopped taking Xarelto prematurely.  If an individual suddenly stops taking Xarelto, they are at risk to experience deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.  These are the two most reported adverse events associated with Xarelto.  Deep vein thrombosis is when blood clots form in the deep veins of the arms or legs and then travel to other parts of the body causing blockages.  When these blood clots travel to the lungs, a pulmonary embolism occurs.  A pulmonary embolism is when a clot blocks the oxygenated blood supply to the lungs.  This can eventually cause the body to shut down.  Pulmonary embolisms are particularly dangerous because they are extremely difficult to detect and symptoms do not usually present themselves until it is too late for medical intervention.

Injuries Caused by Internal Bleeding

Injuries that were caused by uncontrollable internal bleeding were gastrointestinal bleeds, brain hemorrhages, and strokes.  Regardless of where in the body it is happening, internal bleeding pools inside the body and can cut off the blood and oxygen supply to vital internal organs.  Internal bleeds are most dangerous in the abdomen and brain where there is a high concentration of extremely vital organs.  Internal bleeding is much more dangerous than external bleeding because it is difficult to detect and victims may not even realize anything is wrong until hours later when things become serious.  Internal bleeding events while the patient is taking Xarelto are extremely dangerous because the blood is unable to clot and stop the bleeding and there is no reversal agent for the drug.  Other blood thinners such as Warfarin are able to have their effects reversed with an antidote of Vitamin K or protamine sulfate if in the event of an emergency, but neither of these antidotes work if the patient is taking Xarelto because Xarelto blocks thrombin.  This is one of the main reasons Xarelto is so dangerous, an internal bleed is essentially uncontrollable once it starts.

Xarelto can also be dangerous when taken with certain medications.  Combining Xarelto usage with any of the medications listed below is highly warned against by the FDA and can cause dangerous, unexpected side effects.  If you are prescribed any of these medication while being prescribed Xarelto, talk to your doctor immediately.

  • Itraconazole – Sporanox and Onmel
  • lopinavir – Kaletra
  • Ritonavir – Norvir
  • Indinavir – Crixivan
  • Conivaptan – Vaprisol
  • Carbamazepine – Tegretol, Tegretol-XR, Equetro, Carbatrol, Epitol, and Teril
  • Phenytoin – Dilantin
  • Rifampin – Rifater, Rifamate, Rimactane, and Rifadin
  • St. John’s wort – Hypericum Perforatum


Internal Bleeding Incidents in Alabama

At the time of the 2010 U.S. Census, the state population of Alabama was 4,779,736.  By using the known data of the population of the United States at the time of the last census, combined with the number of Xarelto prescriptions written in the United States and the population of Alabama and its five largest cities, we are able to estimate how many internal bleeding incidents may have occurred in Alabama since Xarelto was released on the market.  We estimate that approximately 2,894 Alabama residents have been prescribed Xarelto.  Here is the data broken down by city:

Population of Alabama’s 5 Most Populous Cities

  • Birmingham – 212,237
  • Montgomery – 205,764
  • Mobile – 195,111
  • Huntsville – 180,105
  • Tuscaloosa – 90,468

Internal Bleeding Incidents in Alabama’s Most Populated Cities

  • Biringham – 128
  • Montgomery – 124
  • Mobile – 118
  • Huntsville – 109
  • Tuscaloosa – 54

Our Alabama Xarelto Lawyers

You probably have many questions at this point in the process and our Xarelto lawyers in Alabama are here to help you.  If you are an Alabama resident and think that you or a loved one have experienced any of the adverse events described above while taking Xarelto, contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.  We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get started on the path to seek justice and compensation.  Our Xarelto lawyers in Alabama are skilled at taking cases against large pharmaceutical companies and have years of experience working in this type of law.

Resources for Xarelto Victims in Alabama

University of Alabama Hospital
1802 6th Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 934-3411

Jackson Hospital
1725 Pine Street
Montgomery, AL 36016
(334) 293-8000

If you have lost a loved one to a Xarelto injury, bereavement groups can help you connect with others who are experiencing the same feelings you are and can put you on the path to healing.  You can find a directory of grief support groups in Alabama here.

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