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Xarelto Lawsuits: Oregon Lawyers Filing Claims For Internal Bleeding

With more than 11 million prescriptions in America since its initial FDA approval, Xarelto has quickly become the leading blood thinner in its class in America.

However, Xarelto has been the center of controversy as of late due to recently published studies which link the blockbuster drug to dangerous side effects including severe internal bleeding.

As a result, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the drug’s manufacturing and marketing companies for negligence and other allegations.

This article gives a brief overview of pending Xarelto litigation including helpful resources for individuals and families in Oregon wishing to file a Xarelto lawsuit.

Xarelto: A Closer Look At America’s Leading Prescription Blood Thinner

Xarelto was initially approved by the FDA in 2011 for the purpose of reducing the risk of blood clots in patients undergoing knee and hip replacement surgeries.

However, the drug has since received approval for several other uses and is now approved for six total uses.

These approvals, along with certain benefits over traditional blood thinners, have helped Xarelto to become the leading prescription blood thinner in its class.

What Is The Difference Between Xarelto & Warfarin?

Xarelto and Coumadin are both prescription blood thinners which have similar characteristics and are both used for similar purposes. However, despite the similarities among these two drugs, they are in fact very much different.

Coumadin is a brand name of generic warfarin sodium – a traditional blood thinner.

Xarelto is the brand name of the generic drug rivaroxaban, which is part of a new class of prescription blood thinner known as Novel Oral Anticoagulants or NOACs for short.

Warfarin and rivaroxaban are similar in that they are used as a blood thinning medication, but there are certain distinctions to be aware of which make these drugs different.

Touted Benefits of Xarelto Over Traditional Blood Thinners

One key difference between Xarelto and traditional blood thinners is has to do with the dosage and required maintenance.
Traditional blood thinners, such as warfarin, use varying doses depending on patient-specific factors. Additionally, these blood thinners require constant maintenance including frequent blood testing.

On the other hand, Xarelto uses a one dose for all patients and is said to require much less maintenance when compared to traditional blood thinning medications.

Xarelto’s one-size-fits-all prescription and comparatively low maintenance requirements have both contributed to the drug’s blockbuster success in recent years.

The Dangerous Difference

Despite the drug’s convenience, recent studies have found that Xarelto benefits are not without significant flaws.

Warfarin works to thin the blood by affecting the production levels of natural blood clotting agents which rely on vitamin K.

In the unfortunate event that a traditional blood thinner causes excessive bleeding, a high dose of vitamin K can be prescribed to a patient to thwart the effects of the medication and reverse the blood thinning process.

However, Xarelto is what is known as an Xa Inhibitor and works to thin the blood by affecting a protein called Factor Xa which contributes to the blood thinning process.

While it is effective at thinning blood, Xarelto does not have a known antidote or reversal agent to stop the effects of the medication. Therefore, minor bleeding incidents can quickly escalate into severe bleeding causing individuals to suffer serious injury or even death.

Internal Bleeding Incidents In Oregon Linked To Xarelto

People throughout the country have been prescribed Xarelto due to its popularity over the last few years.

By using population data from the US Census Bureau in addition to statistics from clinical trials, we have been able to estimate the total number of major internal bleeding incidents in the State of Oregon and its five largest cities.

By weighting the population of Oregon relative to total US population we estimate that out of the 11 million total Xarelto prescriptions in America, approximately 136,905 were in the State of Oregon.

After applying a major bleeding incidence rate of 1.7% taken from the Rocket AF clinical trials, we estimate that approximately 2,328 of the prescriptions in Oregon resulted in a major bleeding incident.
Additionally, we have estimated the total number of major bleeding incidents in the following cities throughout Oregon:

  • Portland – 364
  • Salem – 95
  • Eugene – 94
  • Gresham – 64
  • Hillsboro – 59

Note: The numbers mentioned above are only estimates based on available information and includes certain assumptions. Therefore, the actual number of internal bleeding incidents linked to Xarelto may be different from the aforementioned estimates.

Oregon Families Filing Xarelto Lawsuits

Hundreds of Xarelto lawsuits have now been filed across the country as a result of the recent findings linking the drug to dangerous bleeding incidents.

These lawsuits allege that certain companies involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Xarelto acted negligently. Specifically, plaintiffs in these Xarelto lawsuits allege that Bayer AG and Janssen pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) failed to warn the public about risks associated with the drug and also failed to perform sufficient safety testing.

In addition to pursuing compensation for financial and emotional damages, plaintiffs wish to hold these companies responsible for negligent actions.

Contact For Assistance

Families in Oregon have already contacted for assistance in pursuing justice in a Xarelto lawsuit.

If you or a loved one took Xarelto and sustained serious internal bleeding as a result, you may be eligible to file a Xarelto lawsuit.

While our lawyers are not licensed to practice law in the State of Oregon, we are licensed in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington D.C. and New Jersey.

Due to the fact that the defendants in these lawsuits perform substantial business in these states, our Xarelto lawyers are able to file claims in those state on behalf of individuals from throughout the country.

If you prefer to work with a local attorney in Oregon we still would encourage you to contact us. Our involvement in this litigation has provided us with close working relationships with some of the most qualified Xarelto lawyers throughout the US and we would be happy to assist you in finding a lawyer that is right for you.

Our team is dedicated to assisting all of those in pursuit of justice in Xarelto lawsuits and are here to answer any questions that may arise.

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