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South Carolina Lawsuits Filed Over Xarelto Internal Bleeding Events

Across the United States lawsuits have and continue to be filed against Xarelto manufacturers, Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson. Lawsuits allege that the Xarelto was the cause of unmanageable bleeding which led to severe injuries and in some cases death.

Xarelto was originally approved by the FDA in 2011 as a blood thinner to be used for patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgeries or for patients with extreme cases of blood clotting. Xarelto was further approved for coagulation prevention in patients with an irregular and sometimes rapid heart, also known as atrial fibrillation, that is caused by poor blood circulation to the body.

What Made Xarelto So Popular?

Xarelto can be seen being praised on television commercials as a blood thinner drug of choice. Since its approval Xarelto has been prescribed more than 11 million times. By 2012 Xarelto had been prescribed a total of 130,000 times in America. One would think that the price tag of $3,000 for a year’s supply of Xarelto in comparison to $200 for Warfarin would cause a dip in sales. This is not the case as the drug is marketed as an all encompassing type of drug. The implication of this type of selling point for Xarelto is that unlike other blood thinners, Xarelto does not require patients to have special diets or for them to have blood tests to see if the drug is working nor does it require frequent dosage adjustments. In addition, the drug was also approved not only for reducing blood clots in hip or knee replacement surgery patients, as well as preventing coagulation in Afib patients, but was further hastily approved by the FDA for treatment in patients with deep vein thrombosis or DVT. DVT is caused by a blood clot in a deep vein, usually the leg, which can be life-threatening.

However, regardless of the popularity and much talked about benefits of Xarelto, studies have linked the drug to severe and life threatening internal bleeding incidents.

Threats Posed By Xarelto

Xarelto works as a Factor Xa inhibitor which means it blocks the activity of clotting factor Xa whilst preventing blood clots from developing or becoming worse. Other blood thinners like Warfarin thin the blood inhibit Vitamin K which helps to clot the blood. The difference between these two methods of blood thinning is that in the event that a patient on these blood thinners suffers an injury and needs their blood to clot, the patient on Warfarin can be given a high dosage of vitamin K and reverse the effects of Warfarin. However, a patient on Xarelto cannot be prescribed the same methods because there is no reversal agent to blocking  Xa, which could mean the patient may suffer from tragic internal bleeding injuries.

One study undertaken by doctors from the Netherlands found that there was a 1.49 times increased risk of patients taking Xarelto, being in danger of experiencing an internal bleeding event compared to a patient taking the blood thinner Warfarin.

Xarelto Related Internal Bleeding Incidents That May Have Occured In South Carolina

Xarelto’s popularity has led to people throughout the country being prescribed the drug since it 2011 approval. By weighting South Carolina’s population data of 4,832,482 from the US Census Bureau juxtaposed the total United State’s population, we believe that of the 11 million prescribed Xarelto prescriptions, 166,637 of those were in the state of  South Carolina. Furthermore, our calculations estimate that 2,833 of those prescriptions in South Carolina culminated into a major bleeding incident.

Using the population figures of  the five major cities in South
Carolina we further estimate the figures below represent severe bleeding injuries in each city:

  • Columbia- 78
  • Charleston- 75
  • North Charleston- 61
  • Mount Pleasant- 44
  • Rock Hill- 41

Can I File A Xarelto Lawsuit?

Xarelto lawsuits are being filed daily across the country. If the information above is something that has happened to you or a loved while taking Xarelto you may have a Xarelto lawsuit. Our South Carolina Xarelto lawyers are here to help you and to answer any questions you may have about how to proceed and receive the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Our lawyers are available for free case evaluations and to discuss any question you may have. Click here to contact us.

Where To Get Medical Help In South Carolina

In the event that Xarelto side effects are suspected it is advisable to seek immediate help before injuries become fatalities. Below are hospitals you can seek help from in South Carolina:

Abbeville Area Medical Center:

Aiken Regional Medical Centers:

Medical University Of South Carolina:

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center:

Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital:


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