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Los Angeles Families Filing Xarelto Lawsuits Against Drug Companies

Xarelto is one of the newest blood thinners on the market. The prescription drug is manufactured by Bayer AG and is marketed in the U.S. by Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

families file xarelto lawsuit

Unfortunately, recent research has associated the use of Xarelto to an increased risk of serious side effects including uncontrollable bleeding, which can lead to serious injury and death.

As a result, Xarelto lawsuits are now being filed all over the United States by various people who may have been harmed by Xarelto.

If you or a loved one took Xarelto and were harmed due to internal bleeding, blood clotting or other related injury you may be eligible to recover compensation for the damages that you have incurred.

Xarelto: Everything You Need To Know About The Drug & Litigation

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is an anticoagulant drug – commonly referred to as a blood thinner – which is prescribed to patients to prevent blood clots and strokes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initially approved Xarelto in 2011 as a drug used to reduce risks of blood clots in patients who had undergone a knee or hip replacement surgery.

However, the anticoagulant drug has since been approved to reduce the risk of blood clots in other types of patients including those suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT), atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism, strokes and heart attacks.

Xarelto Has Been Linked To Uncontrollable Internal Bleeding

Xarelto has many different types of side effects which are potentially harmful. However, one of the most dangerous side effects linked to Xarelto is internal bleeding. Xarelto users have reported brain hemorrhaging, pulmonary embolisms, gastrointestinal bleeding, strokes and heart attacks.

Additionally, recent studies have linked the use of Xarelto to irreversible internal bleeding which often leads to serious injury or death.

What Is Irreversible Internal Bleeding?

As with all prescription anticoagulants, there is a risk of major internal bleeding as a side effect.

With blood thinners such as warfarin, a reversal agent may be used to abate major internal bleeding incidents when they occur.

However, Xarelto is different than other anticoagulants as there is no known “antidote,” or reversing agent, that can be used to safely stop internal bleeding after it begins.

As a result, internal bleeding injuries may result in serious injuries or even death in patients taking Xarelto.

Xarelto Internal Bleeding May Lead To Injuries & Death

Not only has Xarelto been linked to irreversible bleeding, but it is also extremely popular in the US.

In fact, Xarelto is currently the best selling blood thinner in its category with over 11 million total written scripts in the U.S. market and is expected to have strong sales growth over the next decade, according to the official Xarelto website.

Information from clinical trials (Rocket AF study) shows a 1.7% incidence rate of major bleeding  (fatal bleeding or bleeding into a critical organ) in people who used rivaroxaban for reducing the chance of a stroke and systemic embolism in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.

Using prescription statistics, incidence rates and census data, we have estimated potential injuries or deaths that may have been caused by Xarelto.

Irreversible Bleeding Injuries & Deaths In Los Angeles

According to data from the US Census Bureau, the population of Los Angeles was estimated to be 3,819,702 in 2011.

At the time, the five most populous cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area were:

  • Los Angeles – 3,819,702 people
  • Long Beach – 465,576 people
  • Anaheim – 341,361 people
  • Santa Ana – 329,427 people
  • Irvine – 215,529 people

By weighting for the total population of California relative to the total U.S. population, we estimate that there may be as 1,327,286 people who were, or are currently prescribed to Xarelto in the State of California.

Based on this information in addition to incidence rates from clinical trials, we conclude that there could be almost 22,563 individuals in California who endured intense internal bleeding injuries that may have been related to Xarelto consumption.

Xarelto Lawsuits In Greater Los Angeles Area

Additionally, we have estimated major bleeding injuries and deaths in which the consumption of Xarelto may have played a role for the five biggest cities in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

Below is a breakdown of the estimated number of internal bleeding injuries or death in the Greater Los Angeles Area:

  • Los Angeles – 2,314
  • Long Beach – 282
  • Anaheim – 207
  • Santa Ana – 200
  • Irvine – 131

These numbers are estimates based on our research and the actual number of major bleeding incidents may be different.

Filing An Internal Uncontrollable Bleeding Lawsuit

Xarelto lawsuits are currently being filed throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area alleging that manufacturers and distributors of the drug continued to sell it despite knowing about the dangers. Additionally, claims are being made about fraudulent misrepresentations with regard to Xarelto’s effectiveness.

If you or someone dear to you took Xarelto and were subsequently harmed by a major bleeding injury, you may be eligible to file a Xarelto lawsuit.

What Damages Can I Recover?

Those affected by Xarelto and their loved ones are seeking to recover damages for medical costs, funeral costs, emotional suffering and other damages incurred.

Furthermore, plaintiffs are hoping to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for selling dangerous drugs to the public.

Families Contacting About Xarelto Lawsuits

We have been contacted by many families, widowers and individuals who were seriously injured or lost a loved one due to an internal bleed, blood clotting, post surgical infection or related injury.

All of these events involved someone who was prescribed Xarelto to prevent blood clotting where individuals had Afib, or were prone to blood clots and DVT.

These families are asking us many questions about Xarelto litigation and whether they have a case.

While our Xarelto lawyers are licensed to practice law in the states of PA, NJ, DC, MA, and VA, we are not licensed to practice in Los Angeles, CA.

However, since the defendants in these Xarelto lawsuits perform substantial business within the states in which we are licensed to practice, we can file lawsuits in those states for families from all over the country.

If you would prefer to work with local counsel, we encourage you to contact us. Due to our extensive involvement in the Xarelto litigation we have excellent working relationships with Xarelto lawyers in California and can help you get your Xarelto settlement process started.

How We Can Help

If a severe injury, even death brought on by a stroke, heart attack, internal bleeding, or even a brain hemorrhage was suffered by you or someone close to you prescribed Xarelto, we are able to help you work through this matter.

Many questions are bound to exist at this point as you work through how to move forward from the effects of Xarelto. We are here to help you with some of those questions and how to proceed legally. We also offer appointments that come without charge and a free case evaluation.

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