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Massachusetts Xarelto Cases Are Being Filed

Over 11 million Americans have had scripts written for and or are currently taking Xarelto, and have consequently experienced serious side effects. If this is you- there is important information in this article regarding your legal rights on this matter.

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What Is Xarelto?

Xarelto, is a well-known blood thinner containing the AI (active ingredient) rivaroxaban, and has been linked to a highly increased risk of severe side effects which can result in serious injury or death.  People have been prescribed Xarelto for a variety of reasons from the time the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light for the drug to be used predominantly for the prevention of blood clots.

The Xarelto website reveals that due to the high volume of prescriptions written and the continually growing sales, it is the leading anticoagulant (blood thinner) drug in its class.  Xarelto scripts have been written for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, as well as for individuals who had recently had a knee or hip replacement medical procedure.

Several clinical researches have come to the conclusion that when taken, Xarelto can cause dangerous unwarranted secondary effects that can lead to severe injury or death. Consequently, numerous lawsuits are being brought forward all over the U.S. by those that have been affected by Xarelto.

We estimate, by weighting state population relative to U.S. population, that there are approximately 233,280 people in the State of Massachusetts who were or are currently prescribed Xarelto. Our data estimates that there is approximately 1 major bleeding incident per every 1,500 Xarelto users.

How Has Xarelto Been Connected To Bleeding Events?

Xarelto’s most perilous and frequently reported adverse effect is irreparable internal bleeding in individual’s consuming the drug. This type of internal bleeding is known to result in strokes, GI bleeding, pulmonary embolisms (PE), brain hemorrhage and heart attacks.

Visit our Xarelto Side Effects & Risks page for more information about Xarelto bleeding events and their fatal effects on those taking the drug.

Massachusetts Xarelto Related Uncontrollable Internal Bleeding Injuries

In 2010 Massachusetts was estimated to have 6,547,629 inhabitants. The five most populated cities had the following population estimates:

  • Boston – 617,594 population
  • Worcester – 181,045 population
  • Springfield – 153,060 population
  • Lowell – 106,519 population
  • Cambridge – 105,162 population

A Rocket AF concluded that there is a 1.7% chance of a severe bleeding incident occurring in a patient who has taken Xarelto for the purposes of reducing the risk of a stroke and systemic embolism in AFib patients.

Going by this data, we have an approximate calculation of 3,965 individuals who may been affected by taking Xarelto and consequently experienced serious internal bleeding injuries in Massachusetts.

We used a corresponding city to state population calculation in order to estimate the total internal bleeding injury or death episodes, due to Xarelto for the afore mentioned most populated Massachusetts cities. The results for each city are as follows:

  • Boston – 374
  • Worcester – 109
  • Springfield – 92
  • Lowell – 64
  • Cambridge – 63



How Do I Pursue A Xarelto Litigation?

If Xarelto is a drug that has been taken by you or someone you love and any of the unwarranted secondary effects mentioned before have happened to you, you may qualify for compensation.

You most likely have many questions about pursuing a Xarelto lawsuit and the legal options available to you. We are available to explain this process further to you as well as answer any questions you have. Our Xarelto lawyers are accessible to you any time of the day and night and you can contact them for a no charge consultation regarding your Xarelto lawsuit.

If you want to learn about other Xarelto Lawsuits that have been brought forward click here.

The Massachusetts Xarelto Attorneys

Those living in the State of Massachusetts and all over the country are being taken under the wing of Osborne & Associates Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in the state of Massachusetts and are fully qualified to take on cases such as these.

Meet our Xarelto attorneys here.

Massachusetts Support For Xarelto Affected Individuals & Families

If you or a loved one have suffered a stroke that may have been caused by taking Xarelto, Boston Medical Center’s Neurology Department hosts a monthly Stroke Survivor Support Group that meets the second Friday of each month.  Caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to attend as well.

If you have lost someone you love to an injury caused by Xarelto, Massachusetts General Hospital offers several bereavement support groups for those who have lost loved ones and also provides a variety of additional bereavement resources on their website.

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