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Xarelto Internal Bleeding Negative Effects And Litigation In North Dakota

What Does Xarelto Do?

If you have poor flow of blood to your brain or you suffer from some type of heart or blood vessel ailment, your doctor might advise you to take a blood thinner. Blood thinners lower the dangers of someone suffering from a stroke or heart attack by reducing the formation of blood clots in arteries and veins. Blood thinners are also taken if you have an abnormal heart rhythm, also known as atrial fibrillation or other congenital heart defects. There are two main types of blood thinners that one can take, which are anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs. Anticoagulants are known to work on the body’s chemical reactions in order to lengthen the time it takes to form a blood clot. Antiplatelet drugs work by preventing blood cells called platelets from coming together to form a clot. Xarelto is in the first category, it is an anticoagulant drug.

As an anticoagulant, Xarelto works to remedy and prohibit blood clots that have the potential to develop into blood vessels. As a blood thinner Xarelto has rivaroxaban, which is an active ingredient that is an Xa blocker. Xa blocker or inhibitor drugs like Xarelto, are generally used in patients who would have undergone hip and knee replacement surgery where the risk of blood clots forming is high, with the possibility of them leading to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).

How Xarelto Can Negatively Affect You

As with any blood thinner, the individual is in danger of having an internal bleeding event occur. With such a risk in tow, it is expected that there be a way to turn around the effects of the blood thinner. This is certainly the case with other blood thinners like Warfarin, whereby if a person suffers an injury and needs the blood to clot again, vitamin K can be given to the patient to get the blood to clot again. Unfortunately, due to Xarelto’s make up there is no known way to turn around those effects which greatly increases the risk of someone having severe internal bleeding if an injury happens.

There have been various studies conducted that have correlated Xarelto with life threatening internal bleeding incidences.  One study from Erasmus MC University Medical Center concluded that individuals taking Xarelto exposed themselves to a 1.49 increased chance of internal bleeding in comparison to individuals taking Warfarin. A January 2015 Clinical Cardiology study further confirmed these results by their medical conclusions that showed that patients taking Xarelto risked internal bleeding. Their study revealed that 478 Xarelto patients went through a major bleed and 14 of those individuals actually died from the internal bleeding event.

Some of the negative effects associated with taking Xarelto are:

  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeds
  • Hemorrhages
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  •  Liver Dysfunction
  • Rectal Bleeding

For more information about Xarelto side effects go here.

North Dakota Internal Bleeding Incidences Correlated With Xarelto

The latest census data for North Dakota records the state’s population as 739,482. We compared this figure with the number of Xarelto scripts that have been written in America, leading us to 25,499 people in North Dakota who have written scripts for or are taking Xarelto. Furthermore, we calculated a total of 433 individuals who may have likely suffered from the negative effects of taking Xarelto.

The population stats for North Dakota’s five most populous cities are:

  • Fargo- 105,549 population
  • Bismarck- 61,272 population
  • Grand Forks- 52,838 population
  • Minot- 40,888 population
  • West Fargo- 25,830 population

Of those population stats we have also calculated the number of people in each city who may have been negatively affected and suffered a bleeding incident due to Xarelto:

  • Fargo- 62
  • Bismarck- 36
  • Grand Forks- 31
  • Minot- 24
  • West Fargo- 15

Ready To Pursue A Lawsuit?

It is very common to have multiple questions about the Xarelto litigation. If you or someone close to you living in North Dakota has been susceptible to the dangerous and life threatening effects of Xarelto, then we are here to help you through this time. There are many Xarerlto victims all across America who are bringing cases against the manufacturers of Xarelto- Bayer AG, Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, citing negligence and improper promotion of the drug as a safe blood thinner when there is no known reversal agent.

The attorneys at Osborne & Associates are very knowledgeable and come with a plethora of experience in dealing with big pharmaceuticals. They will confidently pursue justice on your behalf. Please get in touch with us immediately if you believe you have a case against the makers of Xarelto. We offer a free of charge consultation and case evaluation. We also file wrongful death lawsuits if a loved one died due to fatal Xarelto related injuries. For more about our Xarelto litigation, please click here.

Where To Seek Help In North Dakota

If you suspect possible injuries due to your Xarelto intake, please visit a hospital immediately. These are some of the hospitals you can visit in North Dakota:

CHI St.Alexis Health
900 East Broadway
Bismarck, ND 58501-4586
(701) 530-7000

Sanford Fargo Medical Center
801 Broadway North
Fargo, ND 58102-3641
(701) 234–2000

Altru Hospital
1200 South Columbia Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201-4036
(701) 780–5000

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