Experienced IVC Filter Lawyers: An Alliance For Patients

Patients around the country have received IVC filter implants, small medical devices meant to trap traveling blood clots and reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism. But instead of saving lives, these devices can break, move out of position or pierce internal organs, causing severe – and often lifelong – health consequences.

Today, hundreds of injured patients have filed personal injury lawsuits, accusing major filter manufacturers like C.R. Bard of concealing safety studies and failing to warn the public of the implant’s risks. Facing rising medical expenses, emotional trauma and the prospect of permanent medical problems, these patients have stood up and made their voices heard.

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IVC Filter Lawsuits Offer Many Patients Hope

Our attorneys believe that thousands of other patients may be eligible to pursue compensation as well. We’ve spoken to hundreds of people who believe their injuries were caused by the failure of an IVC filter. Families, grieving the loss of a loved one, intend to file wrongful death lawsuits. No one should have to bear the burden of serious injuries and prolonged medical care alone, especially if those injuries were suffered through no fault of their own.

IVC filter manufacturers promised patients and physicians a safe, effective treatment option – but there’s now strong evidence to suggest that those promises may have been lies. Our goal in this process is to help every patient, every loved one and every family understand their legal options and make the best choice under difficult circumstances.


For some, pursuing legal action offers hope. It’s not easy, and we understand that filing a lawsuit can be daunting. Time and money are always a concern – especially now, when you or a loved one has been harmed. But contacting our IVC filter attorneys will cost you nothing. We offer a free consultation to anyone interested in learning more about their options. There’s no commitment, and no obligation, but if you decide to work with us, our legal services come on a contingency-fee basis. That means you owe us nothing until we secure financial compensation in your case.

Finding The Right IVC Filter Lawyer For Your Case

We are an alliance of experienced trial attorneys fighting to protect the rights of injured patients nationwide. Our team include five lawyers who bring every client more than 90 years of combined experience. Many of our attorneys have spent their entire careers prosecuting complex legal actions involving pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices, taking on some of the world’s largest companies with proven results.


Michael Monheit, Esq.

Managing Partner at Pennsylvania’s Monheit Law, Michael Monheit has represented numerous injured patients, along with families affected by dangerous medical products, over almost 30 years of legal experience. He gained a national reputation serving on the Plaintiff’s Steering and Executive Committee for a Multi-District Litigation involving latex allergies. His work in drug litigation continued, chairing the American Association for Justice’s Fosamax Litigation Group between 2007 and 2012.

Mr. Monheit secured a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and went on to earn his law degree from Temple University’s School of Law.

Laurence Banville, Esq.

Laurence Banville is the founder and Managing Partner at Banville Law, a New York-based firm serving personal injury clients. As a former defense attorney, Mr. Banville gained valuable insights into the legal strategies used by large corporations seeking to reduce their own liability.

Born in Ireland, Mr. Banville earned his law degree from University College Dublin, graduating with a GPA equivalent 4.0 and receiving President’s Honors.

While our core group of attorneys is licensed to practice in New York State, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and District Of Columbia, we’ve developed a network of legal relationships across the country to better serve potential clients in all 50 states.

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