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Pittsburgh Xarelto Lawsuits Filed For Negative Side Effects

Medical Studies Show The Dangers Of Xarelto

There have been a number of medical studies performed that have linked the heavily marketed blood thinner, Xarelto to serious bleeding episodes. In 2014 there was a study undertaken that associated Xarelto with the likelihood of suffering internal bleeding, also referred to as a gastrointestinal bleed.  The chances of this kind of bleed occurring was noted as double for individuals who were using Xarelto when they were compared to individuals taking the blood thinner Warfarin. This study was published in the British Medical Journal- go here for more details.

Furthermore, an Erasmus MC University Medical Center study, found that a 1.49 times chance of experiencing an internal bleed existed in patients using Xarelto. In January 2015, another study published in the Clinical Cardiology echoed similar results of a person facing the danger of internal bleeding while being administered Xarelto. For this particular 2015 study, it was documented that 478 individuals who were using Xarelto experienced a major bleed and 14 people passed away due to internal bleeding.

Why Is It Dangerous?

As an anticoagulant Xarelto is administered to people who need to prevent blood clots from forming in major blood vessels. Xarelto was approved to be used as a blood thinner by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011. Xarelto has in its makeup, the active ingredient rivaroxaban which is an Xa blocker. As an Xa blocker Xarelto blocks thrombin that allows the blood to clot in our bodies.

Using blood thinners is beneficial in order to prevent blood clots that can potentially block blood vessels. In the event that an artery gets blocked, it will stop blood and oxygen from being transported to various parts of the body which can be very dangerous. Xarelto is mainly for people who have had a hip or knee replacement surgery, as well as for patients who are experiencing excessive blood clots.

Unfortunately, in as much as Xarelto will do its job as a blood thinner, there is another side to this drug that appears to not have been taken into consideration when it was created. If someone using this blood thinner experiences an injury that now requires for them to have their blood clot again, it is virtually impossible as this drug was not created with a reversal antidote. Blood thinners on the market like, Warfarin, were created with a reversal antidote that will stop the effects of the anticoagulant. However, because Xarelto blocks thrombin, there is no known way to reverse thrombin blockage, which opens the patient to severe internal bleeding injuries that can be life threatening.

Negative Effects Associated With Xarelto

It is common knowledge that there is always going to be a risk associated with using blood thinners. However, as already mentioned, with Xarelto this risk is much more acute due to its lack of reversal antidote.

The studies that have been undertaken have seen internal bleeding as being the common side effect of using Xarelto. Below ares some of the other negative effects that have been associated with using Xarelto:

  • Colon Bleeding: also referred to as rectal bleeding. If a bleed like this occurs, it happens from the rectum. This is not normal and it reveals an underlying problem in the GI tract. If this bleed is occurring you will see bright red blood in stools, you might pass stool that looks maroon in color and possibly suffer a fever or abdominal cramps.
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding: also known as abdominal bleeding. If a bleed like this is happening it indicates that there is some type of disorder in the digestive tract. The scary thing about this type of bleeding is that the blood is not always visible in order to warn you that an internal bleed is occurring. However, it often appears in stool or vomit. This particular bleed is highly dangerous as it can cause blood to surround the vital organs resulting in blood supply being shut off to the organs.
  • Pulmonary Embolism: this can occur when a crucial blood vessel in the lung is suddenly blocked because of a blood clot. A big blood clot will likely prevent any blood flowing to the lungs. If a pulmonary embolism is suspected, the person will experience sharp chest pains which will get worse when you cough, take deep breaths, also there is the likelihood of coughing up pink mucus and having shortness of breath.

Xarelto Adverse Effects Cases In Pittsburgh

To figure out the number of Xarelto related adverse cases in Pittsburgh, our Xarelto team used available data of the number of people living in Pittsburgh, and used a comparative calculation comparing that number with the known data of written Xarelto scripts in all of America. The calculation revealed the following:

Pittsburgh population as of the latest 2014 census estimation305,842

Possible number of individuals in Pittsburgh who were administered Xarelto: 10,546

Possible number of Pittsburgh residents who suffered adverse effects while using Xarelto: 179

How Can I Go About Filing A Lawsuit?

As you read this information and you know that either you or someone that you know used Xarelto and had severe negative effects, such as a stroke or brain hemorrhage, it is possible you have a lawsuit that you can file. You are entitled to compensation for the injuries that you experienced. We encourage you to get in touch with our Pittsburgh Xarelto attorneys.

Our Xarelto advocates are here to speak to you at any time of the day and night. Your consultation and case evaluation will be free of charge.

Pittsburgh Residents Affected By Xarelto

Using Xarelto and experiencing the negative side effects of using this drug goes beyond filing a lawsuit. In the cases of loss, it is important to seek professional help to enable you to cope with the grief. Click here to view a list of grief therapists in Pittsburgh.

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