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Xarelto is a doctor prescribed anticoagulant or blood thinner. The drug is recommended for use in preventing heart attacks and strokes through minimizing the potential of blood clot formation in patients suffering from various medical conditions.

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Although Xarelto is somewhat of a newcomer to the American market, it has had great success and has rapidly taken a leading blood thinner position in its category due to its touted benefits over traditional blood thinners such as Coumadin.

However, recent studies have linked the popular prescription drug to severe internal bleeding, which can lead to serious injury and death.

Now, Xarelto lawsuits are being filed in New York City and throughout the country by people who were taking the drug and subsequently suffered adverse side effects caused by the drug.

Xarelto: America’s #1 Prescription Blood Thinner

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is an anticoagulant drug which is often prescribed to prevent the risk of blood clotting and strokes.

The drug was originally certified by the FDA in 2011 for reducing the potential of blood clots in persons who had a knee or hip replacement procedure.

Thereafter, the blood thinner was later approved for patients with other medical conditions.
Xarelto currently has six indications which have been approved by the FDA which are:

  • Alleviation of Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism
  • Reducing risk of recurrence of DVT and PE
  • Preventing DVT after knee replacement
  • Preventing DVT after hip replacement
  • Reducing the risk of stroke in non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation (A-fib)

Are Prescription Blood Thinners Safe?

All prescription blood thinners come with potentially harmful side effects. One of the most serious risks associated with blood thinning medication is excessive bleeding. However, Xarelto is a member of a new category of blood thinners referred to as Noval Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs) which pose unique risks for users.

The Unique Dangers of Xarelto

Xarelto is similar to traditional blood thinners in that there is a significant risk of experiencing internal bleeding while using the drug.

However, one of the key difference between Xarelto and other blood thinners is that there is no antidote, or reversal agent, to stop internal bleeding once it begins.

A traditional anticoagulant, such as Warfarin, is composed of the chemical compound coumarin – a vitamin K antagonist – which contributes to the drug’s blood thinning effects.

Typically, a sizable amount of Vitamin K can be administered as a way to counter the effects of coagulation while taking a traditional blood thinner.

However, with Xarelto and many other NOACs, there is no reversal agent known to stop bleeding.

As a result, minor bleeding can quickly become severe and result in serious injury or death.

Xarelto Lawsuits Filed For Bleeding Injuries / Wrongful Death

After its initial FDA approval, Xarelto quickly became the dominant anticoagulant in its category in the United States market.

In fact, over 11 million Xarelto prescriptions have been disbursed in the United States since the FDA approved it, according to the drug’s official U.S.A website.

As a result of the drug’s blockbuster success, people all over the United States have been prescribed and have taken the drug.

By using statistics from clinical trials, along with statistics from the US Census Bureau, we have estimated total incidents in which severe internal bleeding may have been linked to Xarelto in New York City.

Internal Bleeding Victims In New York City

The population of New York City was 8,491,079 in 2014, according to estimates from the US Census Bureau.

By weighting this population against the population of New York State and the overall United States population, we believe that there maybe 302,520 people who have been prescribed Xarelto in New York City.

Based on this information, along with incidence rates from clinical trials, we believe that there may be as many as 5,143 internal bleeding injuries and fatalities in New York City linked to Xarelto.

Please be aware that these are simply estimates of total incidents based on our research and available data.

Steps To Filing A Xarelto Lawsuit

If Xarelto has been prescribed for you or someone you love, and any of the above mentioned adverse effects happened, you might be entitled to a settlement.

Many families have taken steps towards their settlement by contacting an experienced Xarelto lawyer.

To learn more about pending Xarelto litigation visit our Xarelto Lawsuits page or contact our team of compassionate Xarelto attorneys.

About Our New York City Xarelto Advocates

Osborne & Associates is already receiving Xarelto cases from New York city residents affected by the drug. Our lawyers are fully authorized to practice law in the State of New York and are dedicated to the pursuit of justice for persons who may have been affected by using Xarelto.

Those affected by Xarelto have already made contact with us citing that Xarelto was the cause of internal bleeding, blood clots, and or post surgical infections or corresponding injuries.

If you live in New York City and suffered an internal bleed while taking Xarelto or lost a loved one who was taking Xarelto, you may be entitled to compensation.

Free Consultation Is Available To You

Do you believe that you may have a Xarelto lawsuit?

It is not uncommon to have questions related to the Xarelto lawsuit and what you need to do to pursue your case. We advise you to get in touch with our Xarelto litigation team for a free consultation.

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